Wake of the Endeavour – NEW Revised Edition

Wake of the Endeavour


Thanks for all the support from my readers. Following the positive feedback I have released a revised edition of Wake of the Endeavour.

Join me in an epic journey to retrace the landing sites of Captain Cook’s first circumnavigation in HMS Endeavour. While my journey began as an exploration of the science and natural history of the historic voyage and to trace its repercussions over 250 hundred years of history it  takes on a new perspective as the journal sweeps across time and tangles with the ideas of the enlightenment, Face to face with Cook’s landfalls contemporary themes emerge including the resurgence of indigenous identities and the crisis in global biodiversity. As I explore the environment in the post-colonial world I also discover the lessons from the past and from nature that may, if we learn them, guide us towards a more sustainable future.

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