Earth Debates

The Earth Debates were designed to explore key underlying issues of the Rio+20 agenda which linked biodiversity, sustainable development and environmental change. The programme, championed by Bob Bloomfield, was developed in a partnership between the British Council, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and the Natural History Museum.

Set in the NHM David Attenborough Studio the expert panelists discussed four themes with the expert studio audience. The event was web-cast live to audiences around the world, including into the UN Conference on Sustainable Development negotiating rooms in New York.

Ecosystem economics – can we put a price on nature? [Chaired by Tim Radford Guardian] – January 2012

Beyond GDP – How can we measure progress? [Chaired by Richard Black BBC] – February 2012

Green cities in a green economy. [Chaired by Richard Black BBC] – March 2012

Food security – How do we feed 90 billion people by 2050? [Chaired by Richard Black BBC] – April 2012