bio-Diverse.org was established by Bob Bloomfield OBE in 2012. Passionate about science, environment and biodiversity related issues and keen to use his innovation, communication and creative skills, along with his scientific knowledge to work with like minded partners and organisations in raising awareness and encourage wide understanding, appreciation and responses towards a sustainable and bio-diverse future for people and environment.

Among Bob’s current portfolio of projects are his advisory postions:

Supporting a significant private trust on policy options for developing sustainable alternative livelihoods for one of the largest emerging countries in the ASEAN group of nations.

Supporting a UK, Queen’s Award for Industry Design Company, and their client. Providing engagement support for the design and development of a major, new build center for public understanding of science and environment in the second-fastest developing city economy in America.

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Bob has long experience working with colleagues and partners in the heritage and arts sectors, in science and policy, with charities, trusts and NGOs , with Government departments, NDPBs and arm’s length bodies and in the private sector.

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Bob’s understanding is combined with twenty years of practical experience working with multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholders teams, and delivering high quality, high impact outcomes.

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