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Bob Bloomfield

Wake of the Endeavour

Wake of the Endeavour

Bob Bloomfield launches himself on an epic journey to retrace the landing sites of Captain Cook’s first circumnavigation in HMS Endeavour. However, the journey to explore the science of the historic voyage and to trace its repercussions over 250 hundred years of history soon takes on a new perspective. As the book sweeps across time and tangles with the ideas of the enlightenment, contemporary themes emerge; the resurgence of indigenous identities and the crisis in global biodiversity. As the author explores where Cook and his ‘supernumeraries’ made their observations he struggles with the question of whether being there to record the present is enough?

Wake of the Endeavour was the result of a three year journey tracing Lt. James Cook’s first Pacific Voyage as part New Endeavour a project arising out of the NESTA Dreamtime Fellowship awarded to Bob in 2002.

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You can find out all about the New Endeavour project on the expedition website,as well as explore some of the 1000 species of plants documented by Bob on his travels.