Musicological, biodiversity and engagement consultancy

Bob has worked with organisations in the private sector, arts and heritage, in government and with trusts and foundations providing insight and innovative approaches to developing their interest in biodiversity, environment and sustainable approaches.

Museo de Ciencial Ambientales, Mexico, MET Studio Design


MET Studio is working on designs for a new museum in Western Mexico, which looks at the future sustainability of the area.
The consultancy is designing three out of the six galleries at the new 14,000 sq m engagement center as well as advising on aspects of the external surroundings. As MET Studio Design Director Peter Karn says, ‘The audience for the project is very much the young people of the region who will inherit the results of today’s and tomorrow’s environmental decisions and who will be encouraged to engage with these important issues. Our design very much embraces this by incorporating a contemporary interpretation of indigenous styles and bringing a social aspect to the gallery spaces and interactives.’ The MET Studio-designed galleries explore people and sustainability, and the consultancy is working with former head of exhibit and innovation and special projects at London’s Natural History Museum Bob Bloomfield to develop these themes. MET Studio says, ‘The project aims to help people explore, understand and engage with the interconnectedness of the city with the surrounding environment, on which it depends for its resources and, ultimately, its survival.’

University College London


The Department of Science Technology Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) is a new department in the Faulty of Engineering at University College London. Bob has been working with them to support development of a new programme of interdisciplinary activity aim at preparing graduates for dealing with complex real-world problems for the future. Bob has been helping with programme design, with sustainability, environment and ecosystems expertise and with programme delivery (2014).

Defra Biodiversity Engagement Group

defraThe Biodiversity Public Engagement Group (PEG) was established by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs to develop key components of the England Biodiversity 2020 statuary policy which identified public understanding and engagement as key to its strategy. Bob supporting the group, contributing to its task and finish groups on audiences and supporting its audience segmentation research. Bob wrote the group’s response to the Independent Panel of Forestry’s report on the Future of England’s forests and woodlands. (2010-2013).

Museum profession consultancy
interpretationBob has contributed strategic analysis and development proposals for several museums and visitor centers including: Cairo Children’s Museum, Egypt; Center for Ecology and Environment, Kumomoto, Japan; the Osservatorio Versuviano, Naples, Italy and the National Museums of Kenya. Bob has worked on thematic programme development, gallery redevelopments,visitor and master planning initiatives as well as developing business cases for revenue generation and programme impoverishment.